Boston Open 2018

Took a trip to Boston on Aug. 3, 2018, for some lobster rolls, coffee and jiu jitsu. 

Here's how our guys did: John crucifixed the you-know-what out of people (and crushed some souls), placing first in Black Belt Master's 3, Lance in one of his matches quite nicely implemented a plan he's been fine-tuning at practice - guard pull to single X followed by a sweep - (he won his Masters 3 Blue Belt division and took third in absolute), and James took first in Master 2 Purple Belt with a similar strategy. 

What we learned: Don't trust just one IBJJF scale. Lance, normally 2 pounds under the medium-heavy weight cap, learned his lesson but at least got a nice sweat sesh out of it. After getting on the scale at 2 pounds over the morning of, a result (he thought) of trying to keep up with Piper's eating habits the night before, Lance put on a black hoodie and got to running in the sun. Little did he know that the scale was actually a few pounds heavy...

Why we loved it: We partnered with Mau Mau's GF Team, which meant we had access to their amazing cheer squad. We didn't know what they were saying (porrada, most of it was in Portuguese), but the camaraderie was awesome. 

Up Next: We've got Las Vegas Open and Master's Worlds in the Sin City, week of Aug. 20. So get your butt into the gym.