Prof. Hiago

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About prof. hiago

aka stormhaigo

Gialysson “Hiago” Adao started training jiujitsu at the age of 16 in Villa Isabel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Like every kid his age, he had tried many different sports, but nothing else compared to his love of jiujitsu!

Hiago was introduced to jiujitsu in July 2009 by a friend who lived near him. He began training with his professors Marcio Tubarão and José Luis Varella at Academia 295. Hiago fought and won his first competition after only training for 1 1/2 months.  

At that moment he realized how much jiu-jitsu could add to his life. Hiago’s mother also saw the great opportunity to raise him out of the favela where they were living, and she did everything she could to support him in his jiujitsu journey.

Typical of families living in the favela, they did not have a lot of money, but Hiago was very fortunate for the support and guidance of his professors. 

Like all young Brazilians in this sport, he never doubted his potential. He trained daily and worked hard every day to achieve his dreams. 

Hiago is a prolific competitor in both Brazil and North America in Gi and No-Gi tournaments, with numerous gold, silver, and bronze victories. He is also an Official IBJJF Referee.

Today he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his black belt was presented by the Master, José Luis Varella, João Alfredo Tavares Marinho, and Julio Cesar Pereira, founder of the GF Team. Hiago is the principal instructor and co-owner of Academia Arte Suave Jiujitsu.