Shammah Womack


Black belt 2022

June 25th, 2022, Shammah Womack received his Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Shammah has been an invaluable asset to Charlotte Jiu-Jitsu Academy

About Shammah

Shammah was already a tremendous purple belt at Top Martial Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Jae Lee. In 2018 Shammah began training No-Gi at CJJA and continued Gi training at Top. He received his brown belt in January 2020.

You can find Shammah on the mats daily, putting in work with hard training rounds or endless hours of drilling sessions.


You may find him studying the latest competition videos, creating a game plan to teach concepts to his classes, or reading the book club book of the month.

Shammah is continually working to better himself and those around him, a student of the game from every angle.

Fight To Win BJJ came to Charlotte and organized a Jiu-Jitsu Super Fight event.

Shammah had a No-Gi match-up and was considered the underdog on the betting lines.

Shammah shines as an underdog, something the online bookies didn’t know. When Shammah is smiling and dancing before a match, it’s game on.

It was a surprise to many, but certainly not to his training partners and coaches, that Shammah won that night.


We are fortunate to have you at CJJA as a coach, training partner, and friend. The sky is the limit for you, and we are excited to be in your corner.

Congratulations on your black belt, Shammah – you are an extraordinary human, and we love you, Shammah.